Much Obliged

I worked eleven hours today. A more-or-less typical teacher Saturday. I know many people do this – pull extra hours for various reasons. Usually money, or pride, or avoidance. I guess I do it for security. I know I do this for security. My wife and our little one on the way are my motivation for going in to teach everyday. They are why I get to work at seven. They are why I skip lunch. They are why I volunteer, when I can, to put together a promotional video or tutor extra hours. They are my motivation.

And they are enough. Never mind friendship. Never mind hobbies. Never mind time to play at old dreams (like writing). If my family is provided for, as love and duty require, I willingly forfeit friends and fancy. In this, my gain is greater than whatever is lost, no matter how dear they once were.

Here’s to morning and our beautiful obligations

iPhone pressed

Photo by Selbe ❤ (c) 2013


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